Minnesota Timberwolves vs Milwaukee Bucks

The Minnesota Timberwolves play their home games at the Target Center in Minneapolis Minnesota. The Timberwolves have been called the “Timberpuppies” lately because of how young they are. The average age of the players on the team is currently 24, one of the youngest averages in the league. They received the name "Timberwolves" as the result of a "Name that team" contest. The Timberwolves roster is packed with star power such as Kevin Love. The Timberwolves jerseys are green, white, black and blue.

The Milwaukee Bucks currently play their home games at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Bucks are owned by U.S. Senator Herb Kohl. The Milwaukee Bucks were formed in January 1968 when the NBA awarded a franchise to Milwaukee Professional Sports and Services, Inc. The franchise got off to a terrible start, but it was saved when the Milwaukee Bucks were rewarded the first pick in 1970-1971 draft, which gave them the opportunity of drafting the great Lew Alcindor (Kareen Abdul –Jabar). The arrival of Alcindor led to a 29 game improvement, a record that lasted for 10 years. The Milwaukee Bucks roster is loaded with superstars and the Milwaukee Bucks jerseys are green, red, silver and white.

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