Ordway Center

Ordway Center For Performing Arts
345 Washington Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102

The Ordway Center Saint Paul is one of the greatest theaters in the Midwest to see a Broadway show. Built in 1980 after Sally Ordway, the heiress to 3M and a patron of the arts championed the building of a European-Style Theatre. The Ordway Center took $46 Million dollars to complete and was funded by Ordway Family donations and several corporate sponsors.

The first public performance of the then Ordway Music Theatre took place January 1, 1985. The Minnesota Opera, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Schubert Club all use the Ordway Center for their performances. See these talented groups and many more at the Ordway Center.

The Ordway Center has two areas for performances. The main hall of the Ordway Center seating chart seats 1,900 art and music enthusiasts, while the McKnight Theatre of the Ordway Center seating chart holds 306.

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